About Us

Wildly Madly Deeply, are a wild bunch of professional florists led by Debby Quinn and her daughter Abby. They are mad about weddings and events, and deeply passionate about flowers!

We wanted to extend our passion and magic further than events so everyone can enjoy the simple pleasure of a gorgeous bouquet in their home.

We love working with all sorts of seasonal flowers and have created a ‘leave it to us bunch’ to really take the pressure out of gift giving. This puts the trust into us as trained florists to design something spectacular for each customer.

Our style is both wild and modern, making each bouquet an unique look. Every bouquet that goes out our doors is hand wrapped in our bright, fun packaging, with a personalised message from the sender. You also have the choice to gift your flowers in a vase, these make for special gifts.

We can’t wait to share our magic with you,

Wildly Madly Deeply Team